Sun, Moon & Sky Magick: A Lughnasadh Celebration  

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Laurelin Farm
United States


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Ticket Types Price
Adult Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11  (more) 71.40 USD 1 29917 70.00 1.40 Adult Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
Sale Ended
Teen Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11  (more) 45.90 USD 1 29918 45.00 0.90 Teen Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
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Youth Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11  (more) 30.60 USD 1 29919 30.00 0.60 Youth Ticket - Full Event - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
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Village Builder - All Ages  (more) 0.00 USD 1 29920 0.00 0.00 Village Builder - All Ages N/A 1
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Adult Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11  (more) 51.00 USD 1 29927 50.00 1.00 Adult Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
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Teen Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11  (more) 40.80 USD 1 29928 40.00 0.80 Teen Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
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Youth Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11  (more) 25.50 USD 1 29929 25.00 0.50 Youth Ticket - Weekend - Before 8/3/11 N/A 1
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Adult Ticket - Day Tripper  (more) 30.60 USD 1 29930 30.00 0.60 Adult Ticket - Day Tripper N/A 1
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Teen Ticket - Day Tripper  (more) 15.50 USD 1 29931 15.00 0.50 Teen Ticket - Day Tripper N/A 1
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Youth Ticket - Day Tripper  (more) 8.50 USD 1 29932 8.00 0.50 Youth Ticket - Day Tripper N/A 1
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Friday to Sunday Meal Plan - Adult & Teen (7 meals)  (more) 51.00 USD 1 29935 50.00 1.00 Friday to Sunday Meal Plan - Adult & Teen (7 meals) N/A 1
Sale Ended
Sat, Aug 06, 2011 at 6:00 pm to Sun, Aug 07, 2011 at 1:00 pm
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Event Details
WEDNESDAY, AUG. 3, 2011 AT 6 PM - SUNDAY, AUG. 7, 2011 AT 1 PM

This year marks Laurelin Community’s 29th Lughnasadh celebration! Our theme, Sun, Moon & Sky Magick, focuses on astrology, astronomy, and Sun and Moon magick as paths to honor the Earth, the seasons, and the Divine. There will be rituals, classes, concerts and more!
Our featured speakers this year so far:

- Courtney Weber, priestess, student, and co-creator of the Tarot of the Burroughs.

- Travis Shores, plays and teaches Haitian, Cuban, Middle Eastern, Ghanaian, and drum set to students, dancers and audiences throughout the Northeast USA.

- Lisa Vasquez, priestess of Hekate, practitioner of Espiritism and Wicca

- Noelle V Dor, writer, life scientist and wild womyn

- Kaytee Manchester, Belly Dance performer and instructor

- Laura Wildman-Hanlon, author of "What's Your Wicca IQ", "Wiccan Meditations", and "Celebrating the Pagan Soul"

- Kirk White, author of advanced books on Wicca, healing and magick.

- Christopher LaFond, teacher of Classical Astrology & Celtic harpist extraordinaire

- Craig Counterman, engineer, scientist, astronomer and calender expert

- Niniann, teacher of herbalism
- Beth-El Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
- more!

It also looks like we'll have several amazing vendors this year!! More info on these as things firm up.

Arrival: Wednesday August 3, 2011 @ 6:00 pm
Departure: Sunday August 7, 2011 @ 1:00 pm

FULL EVENT (Wednesday – Sunday)
            Until 6/1    6/1-6/30      7/1-8/4       At Door
Adults (18 & up)
      $50 each    $60 each    $70 each    $80 each
Teens (age 13 – 17) $25 each
   $35 each    $45 each    $55 each
Youth (age 5 – 12)  
$20 each    $25 each    $30 each    $35 each
Children under 5
       Free           Free            Free            Free

WEEKEND (Friday – Sunday only)
            Until 6/1       6/1-6/30    7/1-8/4       At Door
Adults (18 & up)
      $40 each     $45 each    $50 each    $60 each
Teens (age 13 – 17) $20 each
    $30 each    $40 each    $50 each
Youth (age 5 – 12)
   $15 each    $20 each    $25 each    $30 each
Children under 5
      Free             Free           Free           Free

DAY TRIPPER (Price per day)
Participants: Rate 
Adults (18 & up) $30.00 per day 
Teen (age 13 – 17) $15 per day 
Youth (age 5 – 12) $8 per day 

Plan Type: Rate 
FULL Adult & Teen (10 Meals) $70.00
FULL Youth (10 Meals) $35.00
FRI - SUN Adult & Teen (7 Meals) $50.00
FRI - SUN Youth (7 Meals) $25.00 
SAT & SUN Adult & Teen (4 Meals) $35.00 
SAT & SUN Youth (4 Meals) $17.00
VILLAGE BUILDERS (4 Meals) $28.00

Camping and Overnight Accommodations

Again this year, we are going to let people camp wherever they want – in the field, forest or in-between. The pottapotties, showers, potable water, meals and concerts will all still be down near the house so if you camp in the woods, plan to get your hiking in. There will be designated fire pits. Do not make new ones. This time of year is typically dry but rainstorms have been known to happen, so we strongly recommend you bring a tarp or ground cloth to put under your tent.

Parking space is limited, so no campers or RV’s, please. 
There are a limited number of B&B’s and inns in Bethel and nearby towns. Please contact Laurelin staff if you would like further information.

Toilets, Showers, and Water
Port-a-potties will be available on-site. There is an outdoor shower with warm water. (You may want to bring solar showers if you like warm/ hot showers). There is an outdoor sink for washing dishes and drinking water. All of these are down near the main house.

Meal Plan
We will again be offering our delicious meal plan – with both carnivore and vegetarian options - catered by the amazing Chef Dave.  It includes: breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and brunch on Sunday (10 meals). 

The plan can be bought either for the whole festival, Friday through Sunday, or just Saturday and Sunday. If you are signing up for the meal plan, we need your registration NO LATER than July 15th. 

Please also let us know right away if you have any special dietary needs/ allergies.

Village Builders
This year we will be having a special day for those people who would like to come together as a smaller group to share, connect and participate in the creation of our magickal village. In ritual and with magickal intent, we will break into teams each dedicated to creating and maintaining one aspect of our magickal community – some hard physical labor, and others less so. Arrival is by Noon on Tuesday, August 3rd. There is no cost for coming to Village Builders however the meal plan will be offered (dinner on Tuesday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday). Cost for the Builders meal plan is an additional $28.00.

Workshops, Rituals, and Activities
If you have an idea for a workshop, ritual, discussion, performance, or children’s activity – we’d LOVE to hear about it! Don’t be shy – we’re open to any and all ideas. Help us make Lughnasadh an exciting, rich and fun-filled experience that will keep everyone coming back year after year (and bringing more friends too!). Send your proposals via email to: before July 1st. (Sooner is better!) You will be notified by July 8th whether or not it is accepted.

Vendor Info
We’d love to have lots of vendors for Lughnasadh 2011! Crafts, clothing, food, mead, New Age, whatever! We’ve got plenty of space and there is no fee for merchanting; however, we do ask a 10% commission on your sales at the end of the event. One person (the merchant) can have their registration fee waived. Any guests/ helpers would have to pay full registration. You still have to provide your own food, travel, etc. Please complete the Vendor Registration form and return it with your reservation along with photos of your booth and/or website information. These can be very useful for promoting you before you even get here. Please bring your own setup/display, weather protection, and safe storage facilities.

Pets/ Dogs
Dogs are welcome this year at the festival. However, you MUST provide proof of rabies vaccination or your dog will not be permitted. Further, all dogs must be kept on-leash at all times in the fields or around the house. They are free to run loose in the wooded areas. You are expected to pick up and dispose of any waste left in areas where people will be walking, camping, etc.

Your pet must be calm, non-disruptive, and under your control (on leash or off) at all times. If it fights with other animals, is disruptive by barking or other behaviors, is threatening or causes damage to the site or its other occupants, or not under your control at all times you will be required to take the pet off-site with no refund. 

For more information or to get a registration packet: contact Kirk at or 802-234-9670
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